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Andreea Panturu

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Tegan Soulsby

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My name is Tegan Soulsby and I am an Animation student. I created an animated short film about a Green Sea Turtle and the effects of getting entangled within a Ghost Fishing Net. This was to help spread the message of saving sea life and more specifically Sea Turtles. The images shown are from the full short film as this shows the art style and characters models together. Also, there is a short clip from the full animated short film which you can view by clicking the image above. 

Graeme Gordon

My name is Graeme Gordon and for my final project I have chosen to explore the field of 3D character design and modelling. It is my hope that I can continue my career as a figurative sculptor but within the digital Film FX industry as opposed to the traditional ‘real world’ methods I practiced in ceramics and bronzeware.  

It will continue to be my aim to create characters that display nuance and personality, whilst maintaining the professional production pipeline methods required for modern digital practices. 

Ipaye Tolbiloba

James Critchley

I’m James, a graphic design and animation student with skills and experience in the Adobe Creative Suite, including After Effects and Premiere Pro and other software such as Maya and ToonBoom. The artwork pictured consists of the final outputs from a second year module where I learnt 3D modelling in Maya, and the concept art for a character featured in my final year animation. 

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